Ciegomontero.com is a digital store, offering a wide range of products and services from various providers. We have preferential prices to reach all customers, including the B2C and B2B markets.

Operating as a Marketplace, Ciegomontero.com provides the complete e-commerce logistics,  from reception, storage, packaging, shipping and collection. We also have a communications team in charge of promotion, marketing and customer service.

All products and services are supported by their manufacturers and the wholesalers of each country, with which quality, price and fast delivery are guaranteed.

At Ciegomontero.com, different secure payment methods are accepted such as: credit/debit cards, as well as other authorized payment shapes available on the market.


At Ciegomontero.com purchase orders and payment are made online.

The purchase process is simple and intuitive:

1- You must register, creating an account in Ciegomontero.com. Then, every time you want to buy, you just need to authenticate.

2- You must define in your Address Book the ones you will use in your purchases, setting as default the Billing Address and the Shipping Address.

Billing Address: contains the CLIENT's data, the same data provided to the issuing bank of your cards and bank accounts.

Shipping Address: contains the RECIPIENT's data. You can create as many addresses as you like, to send your purchases to family and friends.

Once the addresses are defined, they are saved and in each purchase you make, you only have to choose them at the time of payment, or even create new ones.

3- Add the products you want to the shopping cart and mark Proceed to Checkout.

4- Complete the fields that are requested in the Payment Process (checkout) including those related to the payment method that you will use.

5- Check the box where you accept our Terms and Conditions, and to finish the process, click on Place Order.

At the end of each purchase you will receive in your email the confirmation of your order, with all the details of it.

You can contact us if you need help through the store's WhatsApp +1(437)247-1427. An agent from our Customer Service team will assist you in real time.


On our website, the COSTUMER will find the delivery methods, as defined below:

- Delivery in supplier  warehouse

- Logistic center delivery

- Home delivery

The delivery times begin to count from the sending of the order confirmation and approval email and in accordance with the delivery methods defined according to the SUPPLIER, which will be duly detailed in the billing order issued to THE CUSTOMER.

The information provided by the COSTUMER in his order must contain the personal data of the recipient who receives it, telephone, email, as well as the delivery address, otherwise the order may be retained until THE COSTUMER rectifies the correct information. Ciegomontero.com reserves the right to cancel orders with insufficient information without the right to return.

THE COSTUMER or recipient of the Order, as appropriate, must check the external condition of the package and the products at the time of delivery.

In places where traffic is impossible due to the deterioration of the streets or the lack of access roads, the delivery will be made in the place closest to the delivery address.

The recipient of the order will receive the shipment within the period established according to the place defined after the confirmation and approval of the purchase, signing the corresponding delivery document as proof of receipt. The recipient of the Order must review it in its entirety before signing the delivery certificate.

If the recipient is absent from the address at the time of delivery, a second attempt will be made. If the situation persists for the second time, Ciegomontero.com will contact THE COSTUMER to request the change of the recipient or the cancellation of the order.

Mandatory procedure in case of missing or damaged product (Any delivery method)

THE CUSTOMER or, where appropriate, the recipient of the Order must notify the absence or degradation of the product to the Ciegomontero.com Customer Service. The Ciegomontero.com Customer Service may request any information regarding the identity of the COSTUMER or recipient of the Order and proceed to whatever verifications are necessary for the case. Ciegomontero.com recommends that the CUSTOMER check that he has received all his order at  the time of delivery. In the event of disagreement, you must reject the delivery and notify the distributor immediately.



You can contact us through the following channels:

WhatsApp: +1(437)247-1427

Email: info@ciegomontero.com